InertialWave Introduction

Perfect sense for a world of motion: COMPACT and CAPABLE

InertialWave develops and manufactures high performance microelectronics, test equipment, and navigation units for commercial and aerospace markets.

We are bringing to market the most accurate global navigation products with the best inertial and electromagnetic wave solutions.

Latest News

AFWERX Design Challenge

InertialWave has been awarded a Phase III contract under the AFWERX Design Challenge to develop a navigation system on a chip (Nav SoC) ASIC. The activities associated with this project will include work being performed by the University of Texas at Dallas and University of Minnesota. It is sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory […]

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InertialWave awarded NASA SBIR Phase II for Compact Precision Space IMU

InertialWave was awarded a 2-year NASA Phase II SBIR for the development of a Compact Precision Space IMU. This project is integrates IW’s CVG control ASIC with high performance high performance CVGs and commercial MEMS accelerometers into a 6-DOF IMU 0.5U assembly.

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Paper presented at ION Joint Navigation Conference 2018

InertialWave’s paper entitled “A New IMU with a Digitally Controlled PZT CVG – Part 2” was presented at the 2018 ION Joint Navigation Conference in Long Beach, CA. The paper expands on the improvements made to IW’s high performance CVG control electronics integrated with a PZT CVG.

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