IW Technology

Inertial navigation grade performance at chip scale

Sensor Control and Readout ASICs

InertialWave IC designers have experience developing circuits in processes from 5μm planar down to 22nm FinFET. We currently have precision resonator controller designs in 1μm and 180nm minimum feature sizes.

MEMS Gyroscopes

As one of the inventors of the Disk-Resonator Gyroscope (DRGs), InertialWave’s PI Dorian Challoner has extensive expertise in system design and control. IW’s long history with the DRG allows us to produce competitively sized sensors with navigation grade performance.

MEMS Accelerometer

Dual Resonant Beam Accelerometers (DRBAs) are a current focus of IW inertial MEMS development. Single-point proof mass anchor precludes package stress effects on bias stability and our frequency to digital ASICs technology provides highest resolution with very low power. 

Integrated Inertial Control

Over 40 years of engineering experience in the development of aerospace navigation and control systems using RLG and HRG technology, together with advanced inertial MEMS sensor R&D, positions our team well to evaluate the efficacy of novel and conventional architectures to achieve integrated navigation grade performance and reliability at chip scale with the lowest cost, size and power.

Navigation Algorithms on Chip 

Novel inertial navigation algorithms implemented with very low power ASICs designs can be integrated on chip with inertial sensors to provide incremental chip position and orientation output with better than 500ppm precision.

Control Alogrithms on Chip

Inertial sensors have unique interfaces, non–idealities and control needs leading to an individual system design for optimized performance chip solution with lowest size and power. This requires analog vs digital implementation trades across a range of control and compensation architectures from analog control at carrier to software-define control at baseband and applied to any amplitude or frequency modulated inertial sensor resonator.