IW Technical Publications

V. Vesely “PLL-SAR: A New High-Speed Analog to Digital Converter Architecture.”

Presented at MWSCAS, Phoenix, Arizona – August 2023

A. D. Challoner “Universal Resonator Control ASIC for Low C- SWaP INS,” IEEE/ION PLANS”

Presented at Monterey, California – April 2023

D. Hayner, A. D. Challoner “A Navigation Grade, Software Defined Gyroscope & Extensions for Generic Vibratory Inertial Sensors”

Presented at IEEE Inertial Sensors Conference, Kaua’i, Hawaii – March 2023

A.D. Challoner, “MEMS Inertial Navigation Unit” US Patent – June 2020

P. W. Bond, J. D. Popp, A. D. Challoner “A Low-Cost Radiation-Hardened ASIC for Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope Control”

American Astronautical Society – February 2020

A.D. Challoner, “Inertial Motion Tracking Device” US Patent April 2019

A. D. Challoner, J. D. Popp, P. W. Bond, “A New IMU with a Digitally Controlled PZT CVG – Part 2”

Presented at  ION Joint Navigation Conference, Long Beach, California – July 2018

A. D. Challoner, J. D. Popp, J. Beitia, “Symmetric piezoelectric CVG with digital control electronics”

Presented at  IEEE Inertial Sensors Conference, 2018.

A. D. Challoner, J. D. Popp, P. W. Bond, J. Beitia, K. Li, “A New IMU with a Digitally Controlled PZT CVG”

Presented at IEEE/ION PLANS 2018.

A. D. Challoner, J. Popp, P. W. Bond, “A Universal Electronics Approach for Rate Integrating Gyroscopes”

Presented at IEEE Inertial Sensors Conference, 2017.

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