InertialWave Introduction

Perfect sense for a world of motion: COMPACT and CAPABLE

InertialWave develops and manufactures high performance microelectronics, test equipment, and navigation units for commercial and aerospace markets.

We are bringing to market the most accurate global navigation products with the best inertial and electromagnetic wave solutions.

Latest News

Paper presented at IEEE Inertial Sensors 2018 Lake Como Italy

InertialWave’s paper entitled “Symmetric piezoelectric CVG with digital control electronics” was presented at the 2018 IEEE Inertial Sensors conference in Lake Como, Italy. The paper details performance of IW’s high performance CVG control electronics integrated with a PZT CVG.

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Paper presented at the 2018 IEEE/ION PLANS conference

InertialWave’s paper entitled “A New IMU with a Digitally Controlled PZT CVG” was presented at the 2018 IEEE/ION PLANS conference in Monterey, California. The paper details IW’s development of a digitally controlled CVG’s using IW’s high performance electronics that were integrated into a 6DOF high performance IMU.

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Low rate threshold RIG MEMS gyroscope demonstrated

InertialWave in colloration with UC Davis has achieved the world’s first demonstration of a MEMS gyroscope operating in RIG mode with electronic feedback compensation of anisodamping. This improved angle dependent bias erorr by a factor of 30 with a minimum rate threshold of 3 degrees per second.

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