InertialWave Introduction

Perfect sense for a world of motion

InertialWave develops and manufactures high performance microelectronics, test equipment, and navigation units for commercial and aerospace markets.

We are bringing to market the most accurate global navigation products with the best inertial and electromagnetic wave solutions.

Latest News

Low rate threshold RIG MEMS gyroscope demonstrated

InertialWave in colloration with UC Davis has achieved the world’s first demonstration of a MEMS gyroscope operating in RIG mode with electronic feedback compensation of anisodamping. This improved angle dependent bias erorr by a factor of 30 with a minimum rate threshold of 3 degrees per second.

Paper accepted at IEEE Inertial Sensors 2017

InertialWave’s paper entitled “A Universal Electronics Approach for Rate Integrating Gyroscopes” has been accepted at the upcoming 2017 IEEE Inertial Sensors conference in Kaui, Hawaii. The paper details IW’s patent pending IWAG technology that enables high performance Rate Integrating Gyroscope operation.

InertialWave awarded Army SBIR Phase 2

InertialWave was awarded a 24-month US Army Phase II SBIR contract #W911QX-15-C-0029 as part of the Front-end Application Specific Integrated Circuit for Navigation-Grade MEMS Gyroscope program. This project is developing an integrated frontend control ASIC that enables next generation MEMS gyroscopes to achieve navigation grade performance Rate Gyroscope and Rate Integrating Gyroscope operating modes.